About us

The origins of the mechanical workshop OMAB

nonno arturo

Milan, 1919: just after the end of the Great War, near the historic Porta Ticinese, Arturo Brambilla started up an enviable machine shop that made studs, worked nails and various small parts for makers of trunks, leather goods and saddles. Quality products with excellent finishes obtained with manual dies.

After the Liberation his son Pietro followed in his footsteps, progressively adopting more innovative machinery and progressive tools for the production of parts for precision electro-mechanics: Lagomarsino, Bencini, IBM, Aeritalia, Face Standard, Alcatel, …

The current third generation management inherited a valuable company tradition of honesty and reliability, and goes on enriching the company know-how and the range of services to the customers, thanks also to the acquisition, in the recent years, of several companies operating in the same field of activity.

A present made of consolidation and evolution

Today OMAB employees about fifty people, with more than 5.500 sqm of covered area, and is able to support its customers not only in the production of stamped parts and in tool making but also in the phase of engineering their new products.

Reliability, Speed, Precision, Flexibility, Creativity are the driving ideas of the company that is ISO 9001 certified from many years and satisfies the request of a great deal of industrial sectors for high volumes mass productions as well as for medium and low series, up to the production of prototypes using pilot tools.

Taking up the challenge with the future

We are presently going to build our future on a group of young persons who are wishful to make new experiences and face new technical and productive challenges; the investments in recent years to expand the plant and to complete the range of our production technologies demonstrate our confidence in the success of this project!